Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Done... Tea is now I make another or use the Microwave?

BUT...I got them half an hour!!!
I love these runners...they're my *smart* runners...which are 1/2 a size too small...but I can wear them out for dinner or lunch...but definitely NOT a stroll...or country walk.

Hmm...sorry so blaa today...I am tired.
Both our girls had fevers today...poor them...we asked their Angels this evening to take away their bad feelings and to make them better...hope they'll listen!

I better post this before you start thinking that I chickened out and ate the whole bar of chocolate instead of sketching.(I wouldn't do that!!!)

See you tomorrow.
P.S. I'll be posting them in the SHOP this evening.


Dean Grey said...


Finished in a half hour? Go you!

This sketch makes me want to get up and go running! LOL


Silke said...

Great sketch!! And good-lucking runners!! Hope the girls feel better already today!! Enjoy that chocolate... Love, Silke

Traci said...

I've loved all your shoes! This is such a wonderful collection and so generous of you.

andrea creates said...

Wow-that was fast, wish I could get things done that quickly.
Hope your girls feel better soon.
Take care,

Tyggereye said...

Lovin' all your shoe sketches. They are great. :O)

Mary said...

I think this may be one of my very favorites of all your shoe sketches! :)


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