Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a little embarrassed...

at showing flaws in my sketching which I did late last night(especially the frog...yuck-and I sketched in ballpoint pen... NOT at all erasable) and misspellings too...funny what the brain can't correct before the detailed info reaches your hand and starts scribbling...

This was an idea that came to me at 12 mid-night last night...you know...after I had had a cat-nap for 20 minutes on the sofa...and thought...hmm, why not make an alphabet poster with all the animals I draw???
SO...this is the beginning of a project which I will be starting in February...one animal a day...and I will make limited edition prints from the originals...but will ALSO be selling the originals DAILY on Etsy...they will be going REALLY cheap...so watch out for the SALE!
I'm excited...it'll be a fun project.

I'll create them individually daily, then make a poster to commemorate the project.

JUST finished a bowl of warm oatmeal with dates and half a banana...also JUST finished my first cup of Tea...which had been re-heated 3 X...probably NOT a very healthy decision...could have made another cup I suppose!
It's baffling...I usually drink Earl Grey Tea,(had forgotten my stash of EG Tea in the UK...but remembered the English Breakfast)...I swear, the EB cools down SO much quicker than the EG...anyone else found this?

So...back to my 2010 list...which has many 2009 items on it which I had to bring over to this year...
I will post it later...it REALLY won't fit in this post(honestly, trust me...it's LONG...perhaps even a little overwhelming).

I am feeling jaded...or could it be jet-lagged? How many days can it take to re-adjust back to normal?

ALL I know is that it's FREEZING here today....-18...ouch...chilli!

How is it in your neck of the woods?



Char said...

cold here too - today i'm hoping to start an art journal and develop my inner artist eye better. (i hope)

all i can think of is staying warm.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

sounds great...looking forward to seeing your entries Char!

Tabiboo said...

bitter, but no snow - yet!!

take care,

Nina x

cindy said...

cold here and i don't see anything to be embarrassed about. works in progress are so interesting and i'm looking forward to your animal a day in february. it sounds really hard to me, but you will do a wonderful job!

Tyggereye said...

I love the alligator and elephant. Just found your blog through links. Love it. I would love to have a blog like this with one of my crafty friends who live far away. Good idea!
Off to check out more of your blog.

ZarcoStudent said...

Nice blog. Very good pictures. i have a cool pictures too come see my blog i talk a bit about Madeira island.. So you can see and your friends... I'll promote your blog so many people know of his beautiful work.


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