Thursday, January 28, 2010

ThankFULL Thursdays...

good morning...or afternoon...or evening to you! Don't you just love how we're all living in our own matter if you're in Austrailia, Malaysia,Japan,US,Europe...or here in Canada...out west they're still ALL fast the UK it's mid-day!
I'm THANKfull for:
 My husband who in my main rock...and joker too...we're fortunate to have of those "it was fate" moments. I owe so much of my happiness to him. He's a wonderful positive energy force in my Life...and is SO REAL...thank you Mr.R!

To my girls who keep me striving to give them more for their futures...even though we've had a quiet few days...we've been together couped up and haven't ventured out..I think I've learnt a lot about how I need to go forward. To not be AS tough on them, I think I expect too much...they're only 5 and 3...and they're precious Souls which need nurturing.

Thanks to my other rock...(I have a few)...she's probably my biggest fan when it comes to creativity...and I am hers. I love her dearly and miss her...UK is's always wonderful to chat on the phone though....thank you for the call yesterday.

Thanks to my Dad...another of my rocks...I should have listened...about the being "more commercial" with my ARt...he's a business man, I am a starving artist...(and always will be...sorry Dad) ...he's given us everything...lots of tough love and lots of effection. I miss him too...

My Big Sis...and my little Bro...they're always there for me...knowing this fills my heart.

To my dear friends...whom I cherish...who make my Life fuller.(more full?- speaking many languages has definitely screwed messed my head when it comes to grammer-sorry)

To ALL of you...who I am pleasantly surprised every day by your heartfelt make a help ignite that flame inside which can spark new ideas and should create everyday...

What are your THURSDAY thankFULLS?

I'll be back later with my Shoe sketch...I enjoyed the 30 minute sketch I did late last this is how I should apply a workout every morning give myself 30minutes(doesn't seem so bad then)...can you imagine if you measured everything in the day by 30 minutes...I would have...35 half hours in a day...THAT's SO much time...I would get SO much done!!!!
Something to ponder...

Go Char Go!!!! Love that...thank you!!!
Hasta Luego.


cindy said...

such a beautiful post with wonderful sketches to match. thank YOU for being such a nice blog-friend!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

THANK you Cindy! You guys really do make my day.

june at noon said...

That is just a beautiful sketch. I'm amazed at people who can sketch so perfectly. You've got talent, for sure!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I'm really not sure about the perfection.
BUT thanks anyway!

Anonymous said... in Ontario Canada...
i like your's loose and free. my husband draws with a regular, note taking blue pen and the drawings are that what you used?

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

yes, just your regular pen you'd find in a bank...hey, we're Ontario bloggers! Nice to meet you...again!

Kolleen said...

LOVE this sketch!!!

i am thankful for the gor-juss man i rock as well!!!

i am thankful for my 4 crazy kids...they keep me grounded and i am so thankful to be their mama!

i am thankful for good friends, good conversation, laughing till my stomach hurts!!


Silke said...

Oh, what a beautiful post! Made me so grateful to have met you - you inspire me!! It's good to think about what we are grateful for - like you I am so grateful for my family - with Daniel in first place! And aside from the obvious, I find that I am most grateful for the little things in my life - a cup of tea, a cookie, a good book, birds on the bird feeder, sunshine, rain, a walk on the beach, etc. Love, Silke

Café Sideral said...

You can actually draw. I very much liked those drawings of shoes and the girls. Best wishes talented artist.

sasa said...



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