Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bunches...a quick post

I have discovered that Beth's hair is just about long enough to put in bunches now. This gives me more amusement than her, so far they last for about a quarter of an hour before little fingers have pulled them out! She looks very sweet though and they keep the fringe that is getting longer out of her eyes a little. But as the little bean totters about in her oversized dressing gown, pushing odd items through our cat-flap such as her socks, toys and other stray treasures she picks up on her travels. I spend my days retrieving them dutifully before they get rained on! It makes me smile though as it was only a few years ago that the same scenario was reenacted by a small boy with his finds - the lure of a cat-flap to the outside world.

The giveaway looks great Char, what a treat someone will have! Good luck to you all!
Tam, UK


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SO...SO sweet Tam...I love these'll start having LOTS of fun with her hair now it's getting long enough!!!
That Cat flap toy is a must...where do I get one ...heehee...
HUGS dear friend.
P.S. Bon Nuit Night Owl!

Silke said...

Oh, she is so cute!! I love her little pig tails... And that cat flap - who knew what a great toy that can make! Hugs, Silke

Tam Hess said...

Great pictures and cute goings on with your sweet girl! They do grow fast, enjoy!! Also a "Tam" :)

cindy said...

braids can't be far behind. i love pigtails and she's such a cutey!


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