Thursday, February 11, 2010


I thought this would be fun...for a change I'm not reading about the insights to other people's Lives...but giving you a little into mine.
I haven't done this before ...and always avoid taking part when I get an offer to open up...but that's me...a little private.
So here goes a very RANDOM list whilst I eat lunch(shown above)
  • I have to have breakfast everyday...and it`s usually either Oatcakes with Cheese, or Oatcakes with Marmite...or Porridge with Banana and dates...oh and a cup of Earl Grey.
  • my mind has suddenly gone blank...this is probably why I don`t write these lists...about
  • I really do believe I have my own Guardian`s comforting...
  • I dream of being more organised...even though people think I am already.
  • I have always struggled with was hard being a teenager and trying to mask it.
  • I LOVE to cook...and learn new ways of cooking...I would love to go to Italy for one of those Cooking Vacations.
  • I am very secretive when it comes to my LOVE life (with my Mr.R of course) friends talk openly about their bed habits...I can`t. (sorry friends)
  • I speak 5 languages...not so well anymore...but I used to.(English, Danish, Spanish, Italian and French)
  • I am a people watcher -I could sit at a Cafe for hours on my own, watching the World pass me by...oh the Life before kids!
  • The only other Job I have had other than being an artist/interior decorator...was picking Strawberries for 2 Summers in my teens.
  • Egon Schiele is one of my favourite Artists of all time.
  • I refuse to change my Jean size...this is how I control my weight...silly but true...scales scare me.
  • I knew my husband in person for 4 days before he proposed to me (and I said yes)
Ok...I'll leave it at that...I'm feeling a little more exposed now...not completely naked...Oh...I mustn't forget.
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Thanks for hanging around for my Lunch hour...I'm off to pick up Little Miss's FREEZING out chance of snow!

see you tomorrow, or later if I get some ARTwork finished.


Jaime said...

Bfast is my FAVE meal of the day :) I can't believe you said yes after FOUR days!! Wow, how sweet!!

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Char,
I loved learning more about who you are!! You sound lovely! I'm afraid of scales too. Don't have a clue what I weigh but my pants still fit!
Take care and I hope you have a big sell out of your sale items, your art is beautiful!

trishie said...

loved reading these little tidbits about you, i think it's fab that you can speak 5 languages and like you, i love to people watch too!

jokemijn said...

i'm curious about how you got to know your husband :)

cindy said...

i loved reading your list and learning more about you. i'm not happy if my waist size should become larger than my pant length and so far so good. your point about your husband sounds interesting. enjoy your weekend!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this is a wonderful blog.
Oh and I refuse to change my jeans size too! It's the only way to keep my weight under control!!


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