Thursday, February 11, 2010


time is ticking on...our Mamas and Chicks Show is coming up in April again...
there were MANY prototypes prior to this poster...but it eventually came together.

This was my original drawing, but this is our 4th year organising the Show and I thought a re-vamp was neccesary.

so I started to stylize and define the lines...oh, and this Mama was suddenly expecting another little one...
I know NOTHING about graphic design...but my eye kept telling me to strengthen the image.
I always loved the fact the chicks were dressed up...but they needed defining too.
I had these drawings of the Mama and Chick from a while ago...see how sketches can always be used somehow down the road...hmm, perhaps I'll go through some old sketch books.

If you are from Toronto,Canada...and you would like to participate...we still have 15 spots left!
Are you at any craft fairs this year?

Good night all...I am beat...again.


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love that bright yellow chicken :)

Tyggereye said...

That is terrific. I love how you did the woman. Gorgeous. The chicks are adorable too. I wish I lived near there I'd totally want to go!

Char said...

this is just fabulous! love it. love the sweet little chick faces

Rita said...

So cute!


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