Friday, February 19, 2010

where did the week go?

This week has flown by...I did manage to get a couple of posts in, and thanking Tam for posting this week too!

Last night after a day of feeling as though my stomach was going to let me down...but didn't...I relaxed in the evening whilst watching "Bright Star"...last week I saw a 15minute intro and then something happened to my DVD player(I drew a sketch)...SO...trying again...this time it worked.
 WOW...what a movie...such amazing photography and costumes. There's a blue hue about the entire movie which makes it dark and romantic. I have never been too captivated by poetry, but John Keates makes me want to go hunt some down!

I could have truly paused this movie every 5 minutes and there was a painting framed and composition already for whole deal. If you haven't seen it...and you love period's a MUST!
Our girls have been crafting all week...
painting...beading...creating letters for their friends...
they're at their calmest when they're making something...I really do enjoy these times and treasure them so dearly.

Do you remember this post from last February 09?

I drew our girls a Valentine picture...well, Kelly from Kelly Berkey Designs ran a contest to make some Jewellery out of a piece of original Artwork, because that's what she does...
and just LOOK how gorgeous it turned out...I one one charm, the flower is the reverse side, and so I ordered another so both our girls could have one.
Thanks Kelly, I am SO fortunate to have won this wonderful giveaway!
So...a day later I receive another email saying...YOU WON! and this was for another talented Artist is his Blog so you can go and see some more of his amazing draughtmanship!
Thanks Joe and this is the print I chose...isn't it gorgeous!!!
Well, this has been a fabulous month...because it all started when I entered another Giveaway (you have to support those who GIVEAWAY stuff :-) on the blog Zac A Board...really very interesting blog about a family who live, blog and travel on a boat.

I had been searching the net for "felt winter boots" because whilst in the UK my Mumma explained to me that when they grew up...they wore Felt Boots in the soles, just felt. Then all of a sudden as I was many results started to appear and now I am seeing felt EVERYWHERE...
Anyway...GREAT news came to me...I WON them, I could choose one pair of Felt Slippers from Satch and Sol...and they arrived in February...Little Miss A lives in them and says they're SO comfy...they have adult sizes too!!! that I have completely made you feel like going out there and entering ALL the Giveaways possible...because you can win!

I haven't had a Giveaway here for a LONG's Saturday 20th...I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY for February. It's a good one!

I hope you have had a great week...I will visit you all later...THANK YOU for all you precious comments earlier in the week with regards to my Mum post...very touching.
Until tomorrow...


andrea creates said...

Yay for giveaways!
I've heard about this movie and think I might have to check it out,you've intrigued me-I love biographical subjects.
I'll be back tomorrow!

Char said...

wow - that is some beautiful loot there!! congrats

amy and ann said...

Wow - that was a great up to date blog. I miss girly crafts! Hope you have a great weekend!


Silke said...

WOW! What a post! Loved the pictures of your girls making art - they look so concentrated and absorbed in their creativity! Love those pendants your won and got for them - so special with your art!! AND those felt boots - wonderful!! Love, Silke

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