Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Grandmother's love..

Dear Char, 
Your gorgeous post about your Mum has inspired me to tell you about mine too.. although my relationship with my mum now (when I was a teenager we didn't get on quite so well!) has to be thanks to her Mum, my Grandma Eilidh, who was a wonderful Grandma to me, I loved her dearly and was amazed by how she always made something out of nothing, entertaining her Grandchildren with very little but always imaginatively. She loved nature, gardening and birds and was inspiring to me, I miss her and think about her alot. My Mum's childhood has tales such as my Grandma using a hosepipe to water down the garden on an icy evening to create an ice-rink for her children to skate on the following day whilst she served hot-dogs out of the kitchen window. She was a very special lady. 
My lovely Jack is lucky enough to adore his Grandma, my Mumma in a similar way. I watch him following her around like a puppy, interested in everything she does and wanting to spend every minute he can with her - I am invisible when she's around and I love that he has such a sweet relationship with her. 

The time she spends with him is precious and they always have such fun together. I watch them in the garden as she shows him plants she's growing, plays hide and seek, invents games for him to play, is seemingly constantly thinking of things to do with him when she sees him,  teaches him about sowing seeds (Jack's first beanstalks). She reads bed-time stories on the phone to him when we are away from her from books she has magically sent to his bookshelf (planted by ones she has given to me to put there but he believes that she is able to put them there by magic) that she has copies of and he always does as she tells him including closing his eyes and going to sleep straight away - how does that Grandparent magic work - he is deaf to my voice so often - even at 3!! I want to show you some pictures of their relationship. I love her dearly, she's a beautiful person I am very lucky  to know. It's her 60th birthday later this year and I am racking my brains for a present that is worthy of her. The time she has given to us is so appreciated and I only hope that I can be as lovely a Mother, Grandmother and friend as she. Aren't we lucky to have such cool Mums! They even both have green wellies!
Tam, UK


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh Tam...I wish to one day meet your always talk so dearly of her and I know you're very close to her. I loved reading your post...especially the night-time magic with the books for Jack read over the special is that!!!!
And I LOVe the story of the ice-rink made over night...with the day spent skating with their own personal hot-dog stand throught he kitchen window...
Beautiful memories told...thanks Tam for sharing.
HUGS, I miss you.

Char said...

oh so very sweet

ColeAndJosephine said...

That sounds so familiar. Thank goodness for great grandmas! It's like they can't get enough of each other. The cabbage heads are about the cutest thing ever!

cindy said...

you both have such lovely moms and it's so nice to be able to honor them in this way. i'm sure you will come up with something very special for your mom's 60th!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

What a lovely personal post.

Meg said...

aww so cute! moms are such precious things, and grandmas even more so. i love the women in my family so much, and wouldn't trade a single one of them!

Stefanie Beyeler said...

Both your moms are so wonderful and the green wellies made me smile!

myletterstoemily said...

what a sweet picture of your mom.
i love the story part!

i was much closer to my grandma
than my own mother.

and am very close to my own girls.

i can't wait to be a grandmother!

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