Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Charlotta!!

Dear Charlotta, 
I wish you a very happy birthday from over the pond. I hope this year brings you all the fantastic dreams and possibilities that you could ever desire... with your birthday every year I look out at my little garden and see how everything is springing up and it brings a wonderful feeling of new life and happiness. It is such a lovely time of year to have a birthday. The daffodils are out, my tulips are full of promise, I've yet to see what they explode into, and everything is just waking up from the hibernation of winter.

This picture makes me smile, I only popped out for a second, and hadn't realised as I was taking the picture, but if you look at the catflap in the doorway you can see little Miss B who has started a little bit of separation anxiety at seeing me dissappear away, she grinned like a cheshire cat once I came back towards her!

So these flowers are for you Char, virtual ones I know, but they mean all the more because you are one very special, dedicated lady! Good luck with the mama's and chicks, and all the lists in your head... I know about those - 3.41am I was awake this morning working my way through mine in the dark!!

I found some funny pictures on flickr tonight, sewing tattoos via the guardian newspaper, amazing what tattoos some people have, artworks for life! I am tucked up in bed at the moment, mighty early for me, the electric blanket has warmed me up nicely and downstairs I can hear the dulcit tones of my Mr R's football pealing out of the TV! Hence why I am hidden away in my little garret, the smell of some lovely lilac hyacinths (given as a gift by a lovely girl I used to work) is making my bedroom smell so nice. So, I am going to browse the blogs and peruse my new book 'A patchwork planet' by Anne Tyler (which I have borrowed from a friend) until I am so tired that I just fall asleep... Ah here's Ella, my beautiful cat, come to sit on the bottom of my bed.. she's purring already, such a lovely old lady - can you believe she must be nearly 13 Char, that tells me how long I have known you my friend! (Ella was the kitten of Char's sisters cat Blue and is the sweetest cat a girl could have) 
So, happy days to you, enjoy your special day. lots of love, Tam xxxx far away in the UK.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thank you sweet have brightened my day! As do you always...I love your posts...they take me to another World.
HUGS dear Tam,
X Char X

Annika said...

Oh is it your birthday Char? Happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday to youuuu! Hugs, Annika :)

andrea creates said...

Is it your birthday today?
Happy Birthday!!

p.s~what a lovely garden :)

cindy said...

happy birthday! such a lovely and loving post. you two are so lucky in your friendship!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...


amy and ann said...

Happy happy day char! I sure hope it was full of magical moments. Can't wait yo hear about it. Amy :)

Char said...

happy happy birthday dearest!!


~Valentina~ said...

Oohh!! hapyy Birthday!
Hope you had a super duper day ;)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Cute post.

Stefanie Beyeler said...

happy birthday and hugs!

ms Givens said...

I could smell those flowers when I looked at this post.


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