Monday, April 5, 2010


Thank you SO much for the Birthday wishes(and to Tam for posting!!!)...I know my last post didn't sound too energized...BUT I'm BACK !!!

This is a new year, and I have LOTS to Celebrate. GREAT Family, FABULOUS Friends and that includes YOU all. Your encouragement worked wonders and this weekend it had lead me to think more about this whole process of blogging.
It's been a little over a a year since Tam and I started this World here together. I have been more productive in my everyday Life than ever before...and all your comments of kindness have so much to do with it.

How was your Easter Weekend?

Ours was busy...but fun.
The Easter Bunny came on Sunday as you can see from the pictures...I have never seen 2 girls get through their Easter egg hunt around the house SO quickly...that's it...I have to tell the Easter Bunny to REALLY hide those eggs well next year!

Friday night Mr. R had a gig at the local Irish Pub...I love LIVE it's always great to get friends out for some greasy Pub food and laughs.

Thursday was celebrated with take-out Sushi (thanks Mr.R) and cake with the's a picture of the girls blowing out my candles...yes, I confused them by having a 3,2 and a 5 candle on the cake.

Saturday night Mr.R surprised me...I knew we were going out  but had no clue as to where!
He took me on a de-tour through our home town and then got on the highway...YAY, we headed for Toronto!
It was late, 8pm, so I thought it would be unlikely that our friends would all drive down to the big City at that hour of the night...especially for Dinner!
We parked at 8.40pm and walked a little..I was checking all the restaurants as we walked past them to see if anything would pop out at me...Mr. R is REALLY good at keeping Birthday Surprises from me...

Then I saw a black Canopy with the name of the Restaurant "NOIR" on it....
YAY...we were going to NOIR!! If you've never heard about it, it's a "Dining Experience" walk in, the wall by the Bar has the alphabet in brail and the menus were given to us to choose our meal choices before going in to be seated.getting everyone out...I love you dearly!
Our friends trickled in and in the end we were a party of 10! THANKS Mr. R for
ALL the food servers are blind in the restaurant and all of the rooms where you eat are COMPLETELY dark.
We were led into a dark  holding are between the first door and the second door and then led into our room.Told to hold onto the person in front of you...on their shoulder and you were lead to your seat.
A little tricky whilst holding onto your wine in one hand and jacket in the other.
The darkness smothered you...the feeling of security left you and you were reliant on voices,touch and sound.
Friends who are usually jolly and chatty...were very quiet. 2 friends couldn't handle the darkness and
needed to leave.
What an experience. I loved it! AND loved my gift of sight even more!
I believe everyone should experience SO makes you appreciate your senses, every single one of them!

TODAY...I am energized and am cleaning the house...working with our girls on reading and their writing...hopefully I will have time to see how your Easter weekend was.

Thanks for sticking by me and for all the B-day wishes.


Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience ! I've read about restaurants like these, and it's on my wishlist to try. Thanks for sharing your story !

amy and ann said...

great post! Happy day to you!!
:) amy

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

love your photos!!

Zinnia Cress said...

i'm a new reader of your blog- i love your illustrations! :)

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Oops, I seem to have missed a beat... but then again, It is better late than never, so...

And Easter sure looked like a look of fun in your part of the world!


Allison said...

happy birthday (a little late)! your dining experience sounds incredible. what a great surprise!

Jeannie B. said...

Love your eggs!

cindy said...

sounds great ... love the photos!

Jen said...

I would love to try that eating experience! How wonderful that you got such a fun surprise. Good luck getting ready for the show this week!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

What an interesting birthday! Mr R is soooo cool! What taste's were the most surprising when you couldn't see what you were eating!?

Love the girls colouring the eggs!

Happy Easter to you all

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I had no ideas somewhere like that existed. What a fascinating idea. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Esti said...

sorry Char to have missed your birthday. So happy belated birthday!
And thanks for sharing your experience.

Sarah said...

I just heard about this restaurant this week and it was recommended with rave reviews! We're definitely making this a night out! Hope you had a great birthday :)

lauren carney said...

this is a lovely post!
it looks like your day was just delightful!
your blog is so enlightening, and full of wonderful colours and photos.

have fun on your blogging adventures!
x x

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