Monday, April 12, 2010

A fun day


So sweet, he tried to blow out the sparklers on the back of the shuttles ice cream cone engines!
Blowing ping pong balls with straws, they were happy for ages!!
Well it was a great success... I am still slightly jaded a couple of days later, the life of a party entertainer deserves immense respect from now on.. how do they have the energy to keep those kids happy! The kids loved the party and my crazy games like the Moonrock Relay (a team relay with eggboxes, painted and wrapped in foil, as moonrocks, a bucket also wrapped in tinfoil, to carry them to with a toy 'robotic arm' grabber) and Comet throwing (plastic balls wrapped in fire coloured tissue paper thrown into a sparkly hula hoops!) were surprisingly a success - thanks google for the ideas! MASSIVE PHEW! I really enjoyed seeing them all having fun and it really was a party on a budget so that was good! 

This morning having sneaked into the middle of our bed, he looked over to me and said "Mummy, am I still 4?" very cute indeed! Today at tea though the little monkey, not wanting to feed himself said "actually Mummy I think you got it wrong, I am still 3 and need  you to help me!" They think they have us sussed don't they!

Have you had any great kids parties? Ideas for next year could be very useful!
Hope all's going well with the Mama's and Chicks Char, I know you will be working really hard on it. Good luck!!
Tam, UK


Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Wow, you ARE a fantastic partyplanner !! Looks like they all had a great time. I was a terrible partyplanner ... Luckily my girls are old enough to plan their own parties now LOL When they were little we usually did something crafty. We made birdhouses, painted porcelain, made jewelry, stuff like that ;-)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVE the fire ball commits and the straw blowing pingpong balls...excellent!
We're off to Disney...I think that will be a BIG enough paaarrrttaaayyy!!!!

HUGS Tam.x.
Thanks for the post.
Jack looks like he had a blast!

cindy said...

he is so gorgeous and i love the cake. happy belated birthday, jack!


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