Monday, May 31, 2010


I can hardly believe that 6 years has past so quickly...this morning our little A came and woke me up with the BIGGEST beaming smile ever! I asked if she would keep that smile on her face from now on because it was SUCH a pretty one...she just smiled more.
"Mummy, have I I bigger now?"
We chatted about when she was a baby and  how cute she was...I told her about when she was born her hair was so long that the nurses put a bow in her hair...she giggled.
Our morning was a quiet one, we opened a couple of pressies from Mormor & Morfar...Jordan opened one too...her Birthday is so close that really, if they receive a couple of presents on eachothers makes them happy!
As pointed out by my Dad this morning after having sent a GAZILLION pictures from our Florida trip recently...there were no good ones of Little Miss A and her missing this one is for you Dad & Mum!
Thanks for the beautiful dresses from you too...they're from Monsoon...such a gorgeous shop for kids clothes. (the aprons are made by Jenny in Ohio...when she opens her Etsy Shop I will post about her!)
time to bake...cookies for Little Miss A's class.
YUM...the best part...
...sitting on the kitchen counter and helping Mum with cakes make for SUCH great memories!!
Then the phone calls started rolling in...for some reason she didn't mind speaking to the dozen calls which were for her this morning.
Time for school...and now I have to go back to pick her up.

We found the cookie recipe HERE...I think I'll use it again, they turned out really well...although I'm going to alow for cooling before baking next time.
We put half chocolate chips and half tootsie rolls cut up(tootsie rolls are like caramel toffee sweets)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet miss A...I love you with ALL my heart, always and forever.



Lori said...

She is ADORABLE! I love her little apron, too. Now, must head over to that cookie recipe. :) Happy Birthday!

Kolleen said...

what a precious post....your girls are so stinkin beautiful!!!

their smiles could light up the world!!!

i love all the sweet pics and those delicious aprons!!!

happiest of birthdays sweet one!!!
blessings upon you!!


Juanita Tortilla said...

Those smiles just made me smile :)
Time flies, doesn't it?
Happy Birthday to your lovely little ones!!!

cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss A! Hope you had a great day and love the outfits on booth of you!

marie-louise said...

It was nice to take a look into your blog!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Happy belated birthday to A! She is just adorable!!


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