Sunday, May 30, 2010

her own pet monkey...

finished and ready to deliver...
I'm hoping the girls love monkeys and elephants...
we're off to their Birthday Party this afternoon...
I'm happy how they turned out...especially the elephant on the beach.The colours work well together...
It's funny how sometimes certain projects just have a sweet harmony about them, and others don't.

It's a beautiful sunny day...we should be I won't keep you.

Tomorrow's little Miss A's Birthday and little Miss J's on Wednesday (NO it wasn't planned)...we had a week of celebrations in Disney World so there won't be any "parties"...but cake making yes...and balloons of course.
Oh, and a few gifts!

HUGS to you all.
Have a lovely Sunday.


Kelly Berkey said...

Just darling, like you! They will LOVE them!
Have a beautiful day!

Leni said...

thank you so much:)))) i really like your work.

Artoholic said...

In childhood, ANYTHING is possible, where monkeys & elephants can be your best friends.

Lovely work,



Ben Hatke said...

Looks good. I also like the photos you posted earlier from the same project. I also enjoy the trina schart-hyman esq borders your using on these. Very nice.


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