Saturday, May 22, 2010

family visits

tomorrow we get to meet little Ludwig for the first time, my cousin Ulla and her family is in town. I didn't really know what to bring I bring a toy for Ludwig? or a Once Upon a Time watercolour? I chose a family gift...a sketch of their family.
I have one to make for my Cousin Lars...the girls call him uncle Lars, we haven't seen them in over a year, I miss them.
Ulla lives and is from Sweden so she's just over for a couple of's always lovely to see family...I don't get too very often!
I hope to get some pictures of our BBQ with them tomorrow.
We're all enjoying the Holiday weekend over here in a tribute to Queen Victoria's Birthday.
Lots of BBQ's and Fireworks.

What are you upto this weekend?

Check in again soon to see the other sketch I'll be taking tomorrow.


Jen said...

That sketch is the perfect gift to bring! They are so blessed to have you in their family!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

What a lovely sketch! Great gift!
I'm painting in my studio all weekend and it is bliss!


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