Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday's self portrait

me...without I wake up...
this is how I recognise me, if I painted myself this is how I would look.
not many people see me like husband, my family only.
un-showered...not ready for the day ahead.

How many people see YOU who you really are?



aimee said...

happy saturday, gorgeous you!

Lori said...

hey, not too bad!

Char said...

everyone - i have quit the makeup except for very special occasions

Char said...

ps - you're beautiful

Karena said...

Wow, I adore your site!! Great images!!Thank you for focusing on artists!

Art by Karena

amy said...

great photo, you are beautiful! I never wear make up and go just out of bed daily, 7 days a wk! so everyone sees me for who I am. I rarely get dressed up with make up unless I am shooting a wedding. :) amy

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...'re too sweet!
I have VERY fair skin, and VERY fair I have to either dye my lashes or put mascara on daily.
I have I cover that up...but that's about it...
I envy all you ladies who have darker complexions and beautiful dark lashes...
Have a wonderful day!

Jen said...

I wish I looked half that good in the morning!!! I'm not a big make-up fan, so most people see me as I am (I apologize to them all). :0)

I do love my lipcolor and mascara, though!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

You are beautiful, and brave. not sure i'm ready to put a photo of me on my blog without makeup. i have them all over my facebook though! i don't wear much and NEVER on the weekend!


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