Friday, June 11, 2010

2 girls went a riding...

one on the back of a grey speckled horse...
with a silver mane and tail,
and the other on an elephant...
all dressed up for a party...

WHAT are YOU upto this weekend?
-we'll be enjoying a walk to the new Farmer's Market which is opening tomorrow-YAY- very excited about this! SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS!!!!!
-ballet lessons...last week before their recital
-RIBFEST in Bowmanville is on and my Mr.R's Band is playing we'll be eating ribs and listening to Live music tomorrow afternoon!
-Sunday we're off to Kingston, ON...great outdoor markets(praying that the rain holds off)
-and promises to see Shrek 4 with the girls.

Signing out...have A WONDERFUL weekend!


Char said...

oh yum yum - fresh veg. i've thought about taking my niece to see shrek

cindy said...

i always love the ballet reports and your paintings. enjoy your weekend!

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