Thursday, June 10, 2010

the Prince and the Dragon...

good morning friends...well...yesterday's rainy day seemed to be productive. I finished the Prince on the requested by a few ladies at our Show.
They however don't want to have the original...just the print. So the Original is up for grabs!
this is how I see Etsy sales need to even if someone has a request for a print which I don't have...if I have time, I will paint it and then keep the original to sell at a later date. I still get the sale...and my clients are happy!
So...if you guys have any requests...I will try and meet them, just leave a comment and you may be surprised!
the 2 boys riding the Dragon with their sister walking them is for a wonderful lady I met at a Craft Fair...she was a vendor there selling these adorable bonnets for babies and dolls.
Now she's expanded her line to bibs and the most adorable dresses for babies and children upto 5yrs old.
these are her 2 boys...I hope she loves it.
You can visit Sarah HERE and take a peak at what wonderful creations she makes...

So far TODAY:
-the Sun is are rolling in.
-one of my watercolour prints have been featured in THIS Etsy Treasury (the more comments it gets the more likely it will reach FRONT Page on Etsy)
-we're off to the Libray for the girls Library class which they do each week(I've been doing this since little miss A was 6 months!)
-I am always and forever inspired by Geninne and her Journal Pages...this may have to be a Sunday ritual for ME in the future...I *ADORE* them.
-my goals are to finish 2 watercolours today....a horse and an elephant...both with girls on their backs.

WHAT are your Thursday inspirations? Please share...

Have a wonderful day...


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I love the frog one! Not much inspiration going on over here...gloomy, rainy day in Boston! :(

Char said...

sooo beautiful! i know that she will love it.

congrats on being features in a treasury

noodle and lou said...

oh my gosh i love those 2 boys on the dragon!! and the prince is darling!!!! you are so talented:):) xoxo

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh your work is so lovely. Congratulations on being featured on the treasury. I didn't realize that the number of comments made it reach the front page of Etsy. I will click on and comment.

My inspiration today is creating journals.

Have a lovely day.


Liz Revit said...

This is so adorable! I see you're also a fan of Micron markers. I use them a lot in my work too. They're fantastic.

Joycee said...

don't know how I found you, but your art makes me very happy! Can't wait to peruse your blog more and visit your etsy shop! Come to Arkansas and visit me at GrannyMountain...


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