Monday, June 28, 2010

Luxray the GREAT

good morning everyone,thank you dearly for all the sweet comments....last week was a SUPER busy one,so if I haven'y replied or visited your World yet...I will try tonight's the start of a new week...and it's going to be a busy one!
late last night I finished Luxray for Vincent. He's turning 7 and loves I found Luxray who's one of the characters...this is my first non-real animal which I have painted. As an artist you have to bend to others grow up...we have to grow with them!
the binders of my watercolour pads are filled with colour tests...I keep them as a memory of the paintings I that wierd?

What do you keep that not too many people know about?

have a great Monday.


blue china studio said...

No, I don't think it is weird that you keep your little tabs of color. I think it is kind of cool!

hmmm, don't know what I keep, I'm a famous purger of things in my life, I guess I would say my Orbit gum packages because they have interesting designs on them and they always change. I like collecting tidbits of paper for art projects.

Sarah Coggrave said...

I'm a hoarder - I keep everything I can!

I also really like the idea of keeping a record of the artistic process, just as you are doing here with your colour tests :-)

Deanna said...

My youngest son was soooo into Pokemon when he was younger.

I keep everything. lol. I hate parting with anything, even stuff we don't use or need. I always think about how I might need it someday.

Silke said...

I love that you keep your color swatches! Such great reminders of great art! Hmmmm...what do I keep? Not too much, I have to say. I have kept every letter that Daniel has ever written to me and have quite a stack. That's not unusual though... Thanks for your visit, sweet Char! Love, Silke

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Ohhhh WOWOWOWOWWOOOWWWW:D I just came across your blog and I am hooked:D beautiful work, lovely feeling...I am off to check yor etsy shop and join you on facebook.

p.s. I hang onto all of my coloured pencil nubs:D...and sometimes I don't know why, I get slightly attatched to my painting rags, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

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cindy said...

i love the color tests and bet you can do something with them, too!


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