Sunday, June 27, 2010


it's Sunday evening(already),how was your evening?...
the girls are in bed after a busy day, daddy took them flying this afternoon which they LOVED...we've had a full week of dancing and trying to finish projects which have been put on hold for a while.
Here are the 3 finished Once Upon a Time watercolour commissions, their dog passed away and the 3 siblings will each receive one from their sweet!
I have SO much organising to do before we go to the UK next week...and a couple more commissions to finish.
Just about to start another Once Upon a Time painting now...I will post it tomorrow morning.

2 more days of school this week...and Canada Day on Thursday...which is also our 10th year wedding Anniversary. I know...10 years...pretty great considering we only knew each other physically for 5 days before Mr.R proposed...I KNOW...crazy!!!

have to go have a good evening/sleep/morning.


Char said...

sounds interesting your courtship! :)

congratulations on your anniversary - 10th years is very special.

FONT said...

beautiful artworks!

Sarah Coggrave said...

The art is a lovely pet tribute :-) and congratulations for your upcoming anniversary.


Daniel said...

What wonderful mementos you've created!

Anonymous said...

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