Thursday, August 5, 2010

Being Framed

as are the pastel portraits framed.These were the 2 frames which I was given to place them in...quite GRAND and they fit wonderfully in their enviroment in which they will be going this Friday.
I always get a little nervous when handing over a commissioned piece as I'm not entirely sure about the expectations of the commissioner...if you know what I mean.
I would really love to start pushing my portrait side of my business as I really enjoy working with faces and people. Idealy I would paint my studies from Life, but children are a little harder to get to sit for a couple of working from photos as I did with these 2.
We'll see...I would love to sit down and chat with a "Portrait Artist" and ask them a WHOLE bunch of questions...
on a change of's the wee plane Mr.R takes off in to jump. There was a competition going on at the Jump Zone this past weekend(I can't believe it's Thursday already!!!) so it was really busy in the air and on the ground.
we spent both Saturday and Sunday up there...the girls love watching all the skydivers and picking flowers for their flower press.
I just want to thank ALL of you who left such heartfelt comments in my last post.
To say thanks I am going to have an AUGUST GIVEAWAY...I'll post it after the'll be a biggie.

Until then...I'm sure you'll see more posts from me over the weekend. We're off to the Beer Fest in Toronto this weekend, we've been going yearly since I arrived in Canada (I don't particularily love Beer-but the day out is fun)

Have a GRAND Thursday!


blue china studio said...

I can't imagine your client not liking these portraits!

Have a fun time at the Beerfest!

Cathy Bueti said...

They look even better framed! (if that were possible!) Great work!


Kiki said...

Stunning..gorgeous..absolutely beautiful ..and they look magical framed! Shine on!

andrea creates said...

they do look grand!really nice char :)
have a great weekend....

Sarah Coggrave said...

They look very impressive! x

Char said...

beautiful beautiful work

cindy said...

they look gorgeous framed! and, skydiving looks thrilling and terrifying at the same time for everyone! enjoy your weekend!

Jen said...

The frames just add to them...they are so luxurious!

Good for your dare-devil husband. Cute pic with the girls standing by him after.

Victoria Sayer said...

Just had to let you know, that I think you have done a wonderful job on these portraits.
They are not an easy thing to pull off, as 'everyone is a critic' when it comes to portraits.

Sandy K. said...

I love your portraits, and I know what you mean about studying to get your work just right. I feel the same way with my photography. Sometimes the photo just seems flat. And framing is always an issue, for me. These frames really make your portraits looks stellar, I think.

It sounds like a good weekend is in store, and you've had a nice few days on top of the weekend! Treasures!

Can't wait to hear about your August give-away. I'll check back!


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