Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday EARLY morning FINDS...

I woke up with Mr.R this morning(5.30am) head spinning with projects I would like to get completed (this was before getting dressed and having my clothing comfort issue-see post below) to clear my head...I went Aaahhh-BROWSING down my very long list of wonderful fabulous blogs I follow...and I always seem to find a couple more...FABULOUS blogs to "Ooooo & AAAHHHH" about.

This morning I found THE SEVENTY TREE a blog with a wealth of design and style and beautiful collages in their Etsy Shop.

AND before that I came across ROBIN and MOULD
both new to my eyes...and both filled with beauty and eye candy.
Look at how adorable their OWL toy is...their print work and usage of colour is just delicious All can be found in their Esty Shop too!

Leave me and all our readers in the comments below YOUR link to a new blog you have found this'll be fun to add new links to my very long (but much looked at) list!

HUGS and have a great FRIDAY.


rita maria said...

i'm in LOVE with that owl!!!!

here's my link:

and my friends link you will enjoy:

Char said...

no new blogs this week but so many that i love on a regular basis.

dollsandguys said...

owl is so cute

other owl related blog i saw today:

my blog!!


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