Friday, August 27, 2010

EYE spy with my brown eye...

something begining with L...
LOTS and LOTS of LONG eye lashes...
I just had to post little Miss A's (top) and Littlle Miss J's (below A's) long and glorious lashes...not only do they have beautiful DARK lashes (I have to get mine died black)...but they also have multiple layers of lashes!
QUITE remarkable!(and a little freaky seen SO close up!)
And I just LOVE eyes(especially our daughter's)...they are our windows to our Soul.

Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. Thanks for your comments...and check back on Monday...we reached **1,000 ** fabulous readers!!!! WOW-THANKYOU all...and our 2nd Anniversary is just around the, I do believe another GIVEAWAY is on the fence.


Char said...

congrats on the tremendous amount of readers. :)

and yes, their eyes are gorgeous

Maggi Co said...

Congratulations!!!!! for the readers and the eyes :-D

Victoria Stitch said...

wow over 1000 readers! thats amazing well done! i wish my lashes were that long!

pilli pilli said...

Precious as ever!
Oh, I wish I had lashes like that, but being a blond like you, mine have blond tips, which makes them look even shorter... and I certainly didn't get blessed with a DOUBLE row! :o)

'must be very hard for mommy to say 'no', when you have to look into those pretty eyes!! (not to mention daddy...)

from across the ocean,

Diana said...

Your girls eyes are beautiful. Love your blog. 1,0-0-0 Wow.


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