Friday, August 6, 2010


good old fashioned POST...or "Mail" for all the N.Americans reading this out there. I did it as a kid...did you?
this trip over to the Uk was wonderful for our girls as they started to make real connections with their cousins and my friends little ones. They would comment on how far away Christmas was...and they wouldn't see eachother until then, and this upset them...SO...we decided we would ask them all to become their PEN-PALS...
everyone loves receiving mail and so today we spent 3 hours this afternoon putting packages together. I added a few little dolls and the girls added stickers and cards.
oh, that's the belly button Monster which little Miss A wanted me to draw on the girl's T-Shirt.
FUN surprises to come in our Mail box...YAY for snail mail....REAL POST!

Have a great weekend...

Oh, JUST quickly before you I delivered the portraits today...not the reaction I was expecting. I really am NOT sure if the commissioner(mum of the kids) actually liked them? She never said "I really Like them" or "They're just what I wanted" or "WOW" or "you've done a wonderful job"...ALL SHE DID WAS ask her kids "what do you think?"
baffled I am...yes...baffled....BUT, she should I give a &*R&$*&?


blue china studio said...

Oh no! What a strange reaction from your portrait lady. You never know what people are thinking though. I thought they were lovely.

And getting mail - real mail is always such a treat! What fun to have pen pal cousins.

pilli pilli said...

I love snail mail!
It's so 'real'... when F. and I met, we started this terribly difficult long-distance thing, but what really made it easier for me, was to put togetger postal packages for him.
Twice a week I sent out a package, and the rest of the week I spent filling it with letters (I wrote a journal to him...), funny cuts from the newspaper, chocolate bars that I wrapped in notes saying "I love you" 500 times, heart shaped candy, pictures, dried leafs in autumn, dried flowers in summer... and it really helped!

It's so nice you give your girls the gift of discovering the pleasure of sending and receiving 'real mail'!

& don't worrie about those portraits... she paid.

Victoria Sayer said...

Ouch. Not an overly positive reaction. But so long as you were happy with your effort...and you did get paid, I'm sure she will grow to cherish your work. Sometimes these things do take a bit of getting used to, before we realise that we do indeed love them. I drew a picture in graphite once, of my father-in-law, that I was very happy with. But he took one look at it and said, "The nose is too big."
I still like it and I do not think the nose is too big...he just had a large nose!
As for the snail mail. There really is nothing like the delightful pleasure of receiving it. Your girls are in for a treat!

Bellgirl said...

I was penfriends with my cousin, we had lots of fun- only she lived just one hour away ;)

I was reading Snoopy cartoons to my Bug yesterday and trying to explain about Charlie Brown's "pencil pal".

Well, your bloggy fans loved the portraits!

andrea creates said...

Oh no~well hopefully she loved the portraits and just didn't know how to express it.They were quite nice so I cannot imagine...
Nothings better than good old fashioned snail mail! I love receiving mail (other than bills-)though that doesn't seem to happen quite as much since email and all unfortunately.
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Take care...

Kiki said...

Hi Char..these are gorgeous it!

and to the beautiful portraits you very very proud of your work ! Reactions can jolt you the wrong way..try to put it out of your created fabulous art and feel good about that!

Jen said...

Can I be your pen pal? :0)

I cannot believe that is the only reaction you got. I would have been in tears over the beauty of those. Don't you take that to heart! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

corfubob said...

A little commiseration from someone who never got used to rejection of good portrait work. But only artists know what this is for sure. Your faith will carry you through if you take the portrait direction Char, but take the line(s) which pay(s) better.

Since I turned to cat portraits my art and spirit soared together; I do miss the buzz of being paid and getting customer praise, but don't miss the disappointments. Being paid and loving the work you do are separate things.

The frames said as much about your customer as your lovely portraits did about you. Their pathetic miss-match was not your fault, but take control when you can - YOU are the artist. Forgive my directness!

Sandy K. said...

I think it's a wonderful thing you're doing - demonstrating the power of the written word and personal message. Lovely. Keep it up.

As far as your strange takes all kinds to make the world go round. She didn't raise a fuss, and paid you, so I think you should just go on. I feel that way when I get those "odd" reactions to my photograhy.

Kelly Berkey said...

Char, I love the penpal idea!
Now off to the lady with no reaction. You know you did beautiful work, and yes, you got paid. But I know the artist in you isn't satisfied with that. I'm that way too. I stopped taking commissioned work very quickly because I ended up caring too much what they wanted that I was too paralyzed to just create.

Now if I do a portrait, it's just for a gift and they can hang it in their basement if they want! I wish she would have squealed, but it's not your fault she had something else in her mind. She should paint it herself then because yours rocked! Plus think of all the people in the next few weeks that will just love it and she will realize even though it might not have been how she pictured it in her head, it is just as beautiful!

hugs to you pretty, talented lady!

Char said...

i love paperdolls!!! one of my favorite things as a child.

that is a very weird reaction

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Kolleen said...

YOU ARE A-MAAAAAA-ZING!!! and don't you ever forget it!!!!!!


i adore snail is one of my most favorite things and i made it a priority to try to send out 2 pieces of snail mail a week. i did pretty good up until summer hit!!!

i think it is so great you are doing this with your kiddlies!!!


ps. on my list for snail mail this week is my husband. i am going to write him a letter and mail it to his work!!!

cindy said...

you know, she may just not be generous in that way - kind of closed. some people are more giving with expressing themselves and praise. as long as you know you did your best. they really are wonderful!


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