Monday, August 9, 2010

HAPPY Monday...

I adore the way you all cheer me up on Friday...THANK YOU! You SO helped me get over the Friday's Delivery...for those of you who missed it, scroll down to see what the reaction was when I delivered the Pastel Portraits... I really do know that commissions are not always satisfying,but they bring in the, I just have to be a little thicker skinned and not really care too much about the reaction...right?!

We've had a busy weekend Mr.R and I...On Saturday we were at Beer Fest in Toronto which was a lot of fun...and I think my favourite was an Apple Pilsner with Vanilla Icecream! YUM...probably a tonne of calories,so you don't want to go overboard with it...but very refreshing on a warm Summer day!
Sunday was spent contacting all our vendors for our Fall Mamas and Chicks Show...which is on October 22nd this year. It'll be fun as it's the week before Halloween so all the kiddos can come in their Halloween outfits!

The above sketches were done last night...the colours aren't right as I didn't have my watercolours out...and just had an itch of an idea to jot down on's for the book I'm working on... you can see, our little Misses got their hair straightened by their Cousin's amazing how their hair is SO much longer when straightened....they ADORE it and keep brushing it.
"can we keep it for going back to school? please Mummy?"
Hmm,that's in 3 weeks time...I don't think so!!!!
I think I may have to invest in a straightener one of these years(not yet) or perhaps it can be a Christmas gift!

We're off to find Back to School gear today...I know we have a while but the weeks are going to creep up on us...I had planned to start waking up our girls at their school wake up hour(6.30am)...their school starts at 7.50am...I KNOW...SO early!
Fortunately I am an early bird...and as long as we have everything ready the night before...we should be fine.

What are you up to today?

Check back tomorrow...I have a Tell ALL Tuesday interview with a local Torontonian.
That's all I'm saying :-)



Liz Revit said...

The portraits are beautiful! Keep up the great work.

By the way, today I'm working on some sketches of fruit for a commission. I've been hired to paint some designs above kitchen cabinets. So, it's off to sketch I go.

Have a blessed day.

Kiki said...

Char!!..I am in love with this new piece of art..what a dazzling magical adventure taking off...the bird is beautiful!wow!

Fabulous post..sounds like a fun cool..i used to live in TO. ..small world!
Have a sparkling week ahead!

pilli pilli said...


I can't help it. I just love your illustration style! It's the kind you always want to have around!

(Which reminds me... Have I told you your sweet illustration of F. and me on our sheep, is right at the center of attention in our new living room... and EVERYBODY who comes in, comments on it! They all recognize us STRAIGHT away!!! So much fun!)

And those girls... How cute can they be?! You lucky mommy! :oD

*double vanilla hearts*
pilli pilli

Alexandra Hedberg said...

and I always tried to make my hair curly by twisting it around my finger...

Their hair look really beautiful!

Char said...

i'm sure the girls feel beautiful and glamourous with a "new style". just as i would with beautiful curly hair.

have fun shopping

Kelly Berkey said...

Sweet little feet and darling hair! Glad you are over your little Friday bummer. Your work is as beautiful as you are!

rachel awes said...

i loooooooove your sketch!
i recently did one of such a ride ~ i don't plan to post it for a bit we are on a similar sky pattern...can you see me waving at you up here?!
with lots of love! xoxox

JooJoo said...

Lovely art! Love it! Oh and your little girls are adorable! Their photo is so cute too! :) xoxo

rebekka said...

Awww how cute with their sweet hair!!!

Lauren said...

Hi I don't comment often (I don't have a lot of time to read either,) but I wanted to say your portraits are really really nice! I wasn't sure what to expect based on the drawings of cartoon children on animals, which are also good by the way, but still, I scrolled down and was really impressed by the portraits. They are very fine. I would probably have been dancing all over the house & squeaking if those were portraits done of my children. Maybe that lady is just a little extra reserved? Anyway good job!

Sarah Coggrave said...

Just read your post about the portraits - I thought they were great, and it's unfortunate that you didn't get a direct reaction from the lady in question. Maybe she's not the sort of person to show her excitement? Some people are just like that.

I adore your work and I'm sure there will be many more enthusiastic customers in the future :-)

Sarah x

miss Yelpington said...

I love their hair, ive got curly hair and straighten it way too much but i do love being able to have both curly or straight xxxx


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