Friday, September 3, 2010

FABULOUS FRIDAY's Illustrative reads.

Every now and then I turn to my book shelf-which still doesn't have all my books on since we moved here 4 years ago...but a few much loved and resourceful ones.
These are treasures any journal illustrator would love.
"The Decorated Journal" by Gwen Diehn which I bought this past a wonderful tool for the artist wanting to make their journal from scratch.
It talks in detail all about layering,different papers...the importance of non acidic paper etc... 
There's much discussion about materials used on the paper...inks,watercolours glues...scripts and texts...and even touches journaling with children.
Then we have "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory...LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.
There are 50 illustrators featured in this amazing book...SUCH a great read...
I have just touched on a few of my faves.

I love seeing the progression of an artist/illustrators work...
Sketchbooks are such personal be able to take a peak at these of all these illustrators makes me love this book even more!
It's an inspiration for sure...and pushes me to do more and improve on my skills.
From figurative artists...
to landscapes...
brilliance...pure brilliance...
Still on the theme of the book "Artists Journals and Sketchbooks" by Lynn Perella.
What I really enjoy about this book is that it touches ALL different types of Artists and illustrators,collage artists gives examples of different styles of journalling along with the Artist's name...there's a List at the back of the book with the Artists who contributed and their contact info.
HUGE fan of Theresa Moore!
So that's my reading...and now onto my girls and what I read to them...
We're ALMOST finished Charlotte's Web...
What a truly enchanting story...I'm sure all of you know the story...if you don't, it's a lovely read.
The past couple of evenings the girls have fallen asleep whilst listening to the book...
I kept on reading aloud without
Last night I had to stop myself from finishing as I didn't want them to miss the end.
This is where I got to...the Rat Templeton has a english Cockny accent, Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman are from Yorkshire...Charlotte is very well spoken(the girls LOVE when I put on my English Accent for them) it's fun...
AND last but not help find our page where we left will need one of these bookmarks which Norma from Cara Carmina Atelier makes.
Isn't she special!!! You can visit her blog and see ALL the other fabulous things she makes and paints...I'm trying to pursuade her into a "Tell ALL Tuesdays" over here.
She has a GIVEAWAY on there until Tuesday the 7th. felt like a long girls asked when I was done 3 times...back to playing.

Have a FABULOUS Friday...what's left of it...
and, OH,I forgot...does anyone have any suggestions for chapter books for 6/7 year olds?



Char said...

what lovely inspirations - which always intimidate me. :)

Knotted Nest said...

What a beautiful book! I love the variety of styles it showcases. And those bookmarks are beyond sweet : )

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


ps - Queen West Art Crawl is Sept 18/19


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