Saturday, September 4, 2010

An English summer

Finally having been put back on the internet and now in our new home, I am managing to post.. It felt like I had lost limbs being offline for so long, but did give me a chance to get back to basics just looking after the kids and unloading dozens of boxes (oh yes, isn't moving fun!!) So I am so pleased to have been able to catch up on all your amazing posts Char, just great to see how your summer has gone. I will show you a little of mine! However typically having just got back online, my faithful Mac is a wee bit poorly and keeps crashing on me so is being sent away again as I only have 10 days left on the fantastic Applecare, I pray they fix it! This will mean that I will be unable to post again for a few days till it's returned! Anyway, here's a flavour of my last few months...

A band of cousins, strolling the meadows of Croome Park, a day for our family to celebrate Gran's birthday with a lovely picnic.
Having moved to our new home we went to find our nearest beach - 40 minutes away at Anderby Creek, so quiet, lovely long sands, seals watching us from the waters edge. I think we will be back there alot!

My dear boy graduated after 6 long years, now he's just finished his first month in his new job, and it's all going well, thank goodness!

We had a lovely day with Char and the girls and her sweet sister Boo and little Morty it's so great how now they are growing up they just follow on from when they last saw each other, each time months apart, but I love seeing them get cheekier and cheekier!

And finally, the first thing we planted in our new raised vegetable beds was Jack's little sunflower that he grew in his pre-school, it is now huge and a real symbol of our new beginnnings. Hopefully we will have as many happy years in this house as in our last, so far it's a fun family home and as my little boy starts school for the first time on Monday I hope he is smiling as much as this at the end of the day. One things for sure, i think they might just do something I've not often been able to do with him - tire him out! He's a real bundle of energy! As for the veggies, we are harvesting beans, tomatoes, peppers, chillis, carrots, spring onions and salad. The purple sprouting broccoli and leeks are doing well!

Tam, Lincolnshire, UK


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Beautiful pictures Tam!
I love the one of you guys on the sand...and of little J with the Sunflower.
Lovely to have you back...and hope your Apple gets better soon.

cindy said...

i love england so thanks for showing us your summer. welcome back!


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