Monday, September 13, 2010

more Mamas,Pappas and bambinos...

More Mammas and Pappas with their bambinos...I will be updating my ETSY store later with these mixed media originals...I've had wonderful feedback...from you (thank you kindly) and from friends who have seen them...builing inventory for our Mamas and Chicks Show. I think people like originals, one of a kind...for an affordable price...what do you think?
I'm off to pick up our girls...This was little Miss J's first day at school...doesn't she look cute standing there next to her big sis! The dress is by one of our Vendor's at our Show...Tiny Modernist. Miss A was wearing another one of hers on her first day at school.
Was it tough? for me...yes,a little...for J? I think she nearly broke down, but as soon as she saw her teacher...she was fine.(BIG sigh of relief)

I hope you're enjoying your Monday!!!
HUGS to you all...


blue china studio said...

I really like your mama & pappas with bambinos. So lovely.

And your girls are adorable. Glad you all survived the first day of school.

Char said...

beautiful new offerings! :) and yes, i adore her dress. hope the day went well.

i received my tea today - i'm so excited to try it and the handmade card is so sweet. i love it.


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