Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tell ALL Tuesdays : Felicita Sala

Good morning ...
As you know we try to make every week on Tuesdays our "Tell ALL Tuesdays" interview were we introduce to you another one of our *Fabulous Readers* who I have gotten to know through Blog Land.

I am honoured to be able to introduce this OH SO wonderful Artist...yes, I am a huge fan...another Artist I would love to one day own an original of her work!!!

Please meet and get to know a little better, Felicita...

Tell us a little about the Town you live in... & have you always lived there?

I live in Rome, which is like a gigantic small town. It’s the most overwhelming and frustrating place to be, at the same time. I was born here, then I moved to Australia for about 20 years, then I moved back here about 4 years ago.

If you could move anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
Berlin. Or Buenos Aires. Or Jerusalem.

How structured is your day usually?
It has no structure, my day. It depends on the jobs I’m doing. I also teach and translate, so it can be something like this: a lesson in the morning, come home and draw for 2 hours, bike ride, cook lunch, more lessons, more drawing, finish translation, go out, late night. Or it can be more like this: wake up, spend 80% of the day thinking about what I should do with a certain painting, procrastinate, paint for 1 hour, be completely dissatisfied, take a bike ride, late night. Always late night.

What did you do today?
I went to the post office, then the beach. It is quite the scorcher in Rome at the moment. then I made a paper crane and tried to make it fly.

Are you a cat or dog person?
I’m a monkey person. And I do have a weakness for the rhinocerous beetle.

Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner girl?
All of the above. I could eat all day.

If you had 6 friends over for Dinner what would you make for them?
Since it’s summer, pasta with roasted pine nuts, fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, and then maybe lemon chicken (that is, a whole chicken stuffed with a whole lemon, always a winner).

How old were you when you knew you were on the right path in your Life?
I’m still trying to figure that out. I think it’s an ongoing process that culminates only with the realisation that maybe there is no right path, just one that at a certain time can be better than another, and that can change.

Who /what drove & inspired your love to create?
I’ve always had the urge to draw. My father was very good at it, he always encouraged us. It was living that inspired me to create, and sometimes didn’t inspire me at all. It’s a strange feeling that you can never really contain the hugeness of what’s around you, so you find a humble way of channelling a tiny part of it. And that’s art I think. A microscopic contribution to it all.
On a more tangible level, I was also inspired by being surrounded by people who create, other artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, a collective of artist friends here in Rome. That’s what introduced me to the world of illustration. Before meeting them I was only painting for painting’s sake. Illustration was a welcome change to the stiffness of the fine art world.

Tell us something not too many people know about you.
I play the didjeridoo. Badly.

Shoe choice: flats or heels?
Preferably barefoot.

What was the last book you read?
Blindness, by Jose Saramago.

What advice would you give others just starting out?
Don’t be afraid.

Name 5 blogs you love visiting, and tell us why.
http://gianlucamaruotti.blogspot.com : this guy is one of the reasons why I illustrate, and the most amazing plasticine sculptor I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

http://idrewhim.blogspot.com : Andrew hem, brilliant.

http://uppercasemagazine.tumblr.com : uppercase scrapbook, for stimulation.

http://ajourneyroundmyskull.blogspot.com : a journey round my skull, and what an interesting skull it is.

http://www.imadeyouabeard.com/ : because who doesn’t love a beard?


Thank you SO much Felicita for being with us today and sharing a little part of whom you are.
Grazie Mile!!!

You can visit Felicita's Blog HERE
And she has an ETSY SHOP too...
Make sure you  go and say hello...ot leave a little hello here below.

Isn't her ART gorgeous!!! LOVE it!!!!

Today is a big day here in our house...our little miss A starts Grade 1...a full day at school!!! I think I was more nervous for her than she was.(I have a picture I'll show you later)

Have a great day...


Kris said...

What a lovely person. Great read!

rebekka said...

Awesome...I LOVE reading interviews of other illustrators. Thanks!!!


andrea creates said...

Great art-I love reading your interviews...
I have an award for you over at my blog :)
Happy Tuesday...

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh so sweet ....thanks Andrea!

Kris, Felicita is such a lovely person...with an amazing talent!

Rebekka, I am with you...I love reading about other Artists and Illustrators!


Kelly Berkey said...

Great spotlight! Loved her answers, especially the food. Lemon chicken, yum!
Her paintings are darling too!
thanks for sharing char!!

Lisa said...

I have loved Felicita's art from the moment I saw it... so good to know a bit about the mind behind the scenes! Great Interview!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us read and see other artist's work, it is really a pleasure!

Sarah Coggrave said...

It's really great for me, as a person just starting college and at the beginning of my artistic journey, to read about what makes artists tick :-)

Sarah x

yael said...

she's AWESOME!!!!!!!!
LOVE your art!!!!!

PoetessWug said...

I just found your blog. I'll be following you from now on! I like what I see! :-)


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