Thursday, September 9, 2010

LOVE notes x2

It can be quite a tear jerking and an emotional experience saying goodbye to your little ones the first day back at school...not just for us Mums, but for the little siblings too.
As you can tell, little miss A was VERY excited(a little nervous) about going back to school.
Little miss J starts next week.
So...I'm back into drawing a little something for our girls to open in their Lunch/snack Little A can read, I can add more words and thoughts for her.
Today I drew her on an Elephant. I am still sitting here with over 200 pieces of paper filled with sketches from the last 2 years which I have to either make a book from digital picture entries or create a scrapbook for her to keep.
Next week it will be the start of 2x the sketches per day!
I think I will need some pre-planning to help alieviate the stress of forgetting the lunch notes on some mornings...

What special something do you send to school with your little ones?

Ok...back to cleaning...and laundry and sketching this afternoon.


Maggi Co said...

Picture with your little (or big??? ) girls is very sweet. Perfect for a frame!!

And... I have afraid too (I can't go to the school...) Perhaps If you make for me a "sketchbook" I would want go to school, again :-)

It's a wonderful idea. Your girls will be happy with your sketchbook for their!!!

aeneadellaluna said...

Your blog is wonderful! congratulations to both of you! I really loved it. Your Illustrations are amazing, really inspiring :)

Anja said...

What a lovely post! Wish your both princesses a good school start!

Kelly Berkey said...

love those darling smiles and long legs! oh, my baby is a grown man now. enjoy your time, they grow so fast!

pilli pilli said...

The lunch pack notes are such a sweet thing! So thoughtful!!
I for one, would love to get such a pretty elephant sent off to school with me!

PS. They looked ever EVER so sweet!
I think Maggi Co is right, PERFECT for a frame! :o)

Flor Larios Art said...

Beautiful girls....beautiful photo...beautiful outfits!

Antoinette said...

Oh what a wonderful idea, those sweet sketches and notes. Your girls must love opening their lunch boxes to find a special drawing! I sometime add a chocolate kiss or two to my daughter's lunch box and when my kids need a "bag" lunch for a field trip I usually seal the bag with a heart or flower shaped sticker. I really love the idea of leaving a little drawing, I might have to borrow it. It says LOVE all over it!!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Char, your sweet messages for the girls must just get them so excited for lunch each day. They are just so lucky to have a mummy like you! The effort that goes into just making lunch is enough but to give them such a precious gift each day is so gorgeous! We posted off Jack's parcel to the girls yesterday. Having got theirs on Monday, he was so excited to open it and just loved the stickers! He can't write much yet, so I'm sure their letters will get better as he does, boys don't have as much concentration as girls!!! Tam xxxxxxxxx


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