Sunday, September 5, 2010

WHAT are the ODDS ?

HAPPY SUNDAY, it was SO wonderful to see the post from Tam yesterday(scroll down a little to read what she's been up to)thanks Tam!...
This morning I thought I would share with you a few Giveaways I'm about to go and enter...some of them end today...sorry I didn't get a chance to add their expiry date...thought of this after the fact, probably would have been a good idea!

Utrechts Buttonfest-not a giveaway but a contest to design a button! If you're an artist,illustrator,designer...this one is for you!

These are all the GIVEAWAYS...have fun...hey, I'm not sure what the odds of winning are...but you can but try!
  1. Bespoke Uprising- beautiful printed material
  2. The Vintage Moth- gorgeous Jewellery
  3. Kelly Lauren -Vintage clothes...great store
  4. David Airey - A Bloggers DREAM prize!
  5. Clare's Craftroom- fabulous craft book
  6. What was I saying Again? - adorable Art print
  7. RIKRAK studio- Birthday BASH goodies...oh, and they're good!
  8. Claudia Pearson - printed Fall T-Towel
  9. A little bit of French - Textile collage
  10. Carp(e) libris reviews- Sweet Mandarin
I have to:
  1. Finish a whole list of MAMAS & CHICKS material for print this week.
  2. Get a couple of quotes together for mural projects.
  3. A sketch of a painting for a client.
  4. Cook,clean and play with the girls...promised them I'd set up a painting station today...

WHAT do you HAVE to do today?

Enjoy your long weekend...I'll be back with the sketch later of the Landscape I have to do.

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Tabiboo said...

Happy Sunday in return,

we are all snuggled up and some of us (not I) are in bed - big sigh!

take care,

Nina xxx


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