Thursday, October 21, 2010

a pretty flower PATCH

lots and lots of Patches...
I can't stay for long as my list still needs completing and that means I'm driving around for most of today.
All my PATCHES and PINS will be listed in my ESTY Shop after the Show...
you asked for more here they are!
ALL individual and unique...linen,felted wool and jean fabrics.
they don't have to JUST be patches, I experimented yesterday and wore one as a PIN...just by attaching a PIN with a sticky lasted ALL day long (ooohh, I need to de-bobble that sweater!!!)
 so each of my PATCHES will be sold with a PIN in it's package too.
 I'm really very excited about tomorrow...we packed 250 MAMA LOOT bags last night.
The  MAMAS and CHICKS Show is finally here...emails have calmed down, which means I can organise MY own table.
This evening we'll be at the Hotel setting up the tables.

So...until this weekend, I must leave you I really don't believe I will be posting tomorrow.
BUT on Saturday I will show you Pictures!

HUGS and have a WONDERFUL Thursday...and FRIDAY...
WISH me LUCK :-)


andrea creates said...

Really cool patches!
Hope your show went great :)

Char said...

so cute!

KERRY said...

These are great! Very well done you! x

Jen said...

Have so much fun at the show, you busy girl! Those pin/patches are adorable!!!

gemini said...

I love your patches, got to make a lot of it for giveaways this Christmas. Visiting here again.

drcroc said...

love these patches!


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