Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's delivery...

GOOD are you all? It's a fresh -2 here this morning...and really beautiful out.All our sicknesses have cleared...yippy...and my body thanked me for my early morning run today...sometimes you just have to get out there!
So, this is the painting I was working on recently...and finished last week...but couldn't show you all until I had delivered it.
 The client is from the Meditteranean and loves the pretty feminine colours of lavender but asked for more yellows and less prominant mountains in the distance...
 Hey...that's what custom Artwork is all about...making the client happy!
ANd she was very happy...
I have 4 commissions this week to finish...and am volunteering at the girls School today...and's a busy week, but a GREAT's also Mr.R's Birthday on Wednesday! So I am prepping for that too.
These are their surprise lunch notes I added to our Girl's packs this morning :
Our 2 little princesses.
I have to get to work...but wanted to wish you all a wonderful Monday...tomorrow we're going to be talking about Advent Calendars here on our blog, I have many images to show you. SO... if you celebrate this part of your tradition?

HUGS to our bright and cheery Monday.


pilli pilli said...

Hello Char!

So glad to hear you're feeling better!!!
And that triptych looks fabulous! So southern and warm!

& I'm very much looking forward to more posts this week, now that you're back on your feet!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

That triptych is SO beautiful!! Bravo :)

Jen said...

I'm so glad you are healthy again! The painting is beautiful! I felt like I was back in Italy while looking at it. Great job!

aimee said...

it's beautiful, char!!

cindy said...

the panels are gorgeous!

Silke said...

Char, this painting is so gorgeous!! Did you paint it with oils? Just stunning!! You are amazingly talented!!!

Love, Silke


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