Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HANDMADE Advent Calendars

 I'm a little late posting as our car is being fixed and had to be driven this morning to the mechanic...oh, I hope we get it back by this evening...as I haven't prepared much for my Mr.r and his Birthday tomorrow...so...as promised I would post some pics of Advent Calendars which I have been Pinning on Pinterest. The above image can be found HERE.
I have a goal to make one this year for our girls...we had one growing up when we were small...and I just loved waking up in the morning and getting excited over opening a little gift our mother had wrapped up for us...the gifts were usually small...but thoughtful...they could even be a little chocolate bar...or a pack of hair-bands...
 I don't have any pictures of ours...but I think ours had numbers sewn onto the wall hanging and strings attached to each number so the gifts could be hung from them.
This one above with the little stockings is so precious...it can be found  HERE
I love this one...go HERE to see a closer picture
LOVE these painted individual boxes go HERE to see more...
for these little cones go  HERE
 Pottery Barn make this one if you don't have time yourself to make one...go HERE to buy or see a close up of it.
 Pottery Barn also makes this one and has it for sale...HERE
 This has to be the simplist....and very effective...if I don't complete my idea...this is where I will be heading HERE
AND last but not least...one of my faves...as you could use this little cubby as a seasonal display...go HERE

WHAT traditions does your household have in prepparing for the Holiday Season?

I am now off to start and finish a commission for a family portrait...which will be a little like THIS one I made...and tomorrow I can show you the commissioned piece I finished last night...another family portrait in the same style...but I will be delivering the piece...

HUGS...and have a FAB Tuesday...


cindy said...

i'm looking forward to seeing what you create and good luck with the car!

Bellgirl said...

Oooh they're so gorgeous! I'm making one using this pattern, but it's taking me ages to find the materials- I wish I'd bought the kit!: http://www.aktraditions.com/html/advent_calendar_kit.html

andrea creates said...

Oh every year I wish I'd get around to making a cool advent calendar like these-and I always end up starting way too late-and end up with the chocolate ones :)
Good luck with your car-car troubles are no fun :(

Char said...

i love the look of advents but as a child i was never patient enough for them. but they are so darling

yellow hall studio. said...

These are great! I had one as a child, and hopefully next year I'll be able to start the tradition with my son. By the way, the family portrait you linked to is awesome! I love it!

Happy Creating!


pilli pilli said...

Oh Char!

I truly love advent calendars!
My mom used to buy one for us every year, and then my brother and I would run down to the kitchen every morning to open the little doors and share the chocolates inside... Such a sweet memory! (Thank you for bringing that back!)

Anyway, I love the ones you featured and will go to have a better look at them straight away!!

My favorites are the one with the knitted socks, and the one with the cones! They reall make me wish it was already december! :D


karina said...



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