Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today we remember how our Country fights to keep us all safe...we remember the past and present...and we should also remember all those families who have lost love ones due to their bravery...
Moms and Dads who are left without their loved ones should also be remembered...they carry on with their lives and hold the home fort...
This was a piece I finished for a friend who in the past 4 years has always bought Art from me for was when she honoured herself and bought something to hang on her walls.
She's a busy Mum with twin boys...she's creative and works from home whilst raising her family...
I love how she stepped up to buy something for herself...Thanks S!

I have to dash...I have another one of these to's for another fabulous Mum who has 4 kids.

WHAT have YOU bought for YOURSELF recently???

I will make an effort to pass by and say hi today...sorry it's been a while...I wanted to post yesterday but blogger was acting up.


Jen said...

I never buy for myself. I'm always busy buying for the kids.

That is so precious! Great way to capture a loving mom.

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

thanks Jen!!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Great linework... and yes as a busy, creative mom of three I usually take more joy in buying for the kids or even hubby! My splurge would be purchasing fun new art supplies: canvas, paints, pencils, beads and more! :)
Thanks for sharing.


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