Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Sophie

 Good morning Monday Sophie, my Aunt Helena's dog...
I drew this for my Aunt as a Thank you for the beautiful gifts she sent and sends over to us from Ireland every year. She is a textile designer and weaver.
Each of the ladies(including the wee ladies) received a scarf from her. The girls received these beautiful crocheted scarfs,full of beautiful yarns and colours.
Miss A LOVES hers...the colours are perfect for her!
SO...I hope you receive your "Sophie" drawing very soon Helena...and THANK YOU!

I'll be back later with a couple of lists and a few new and exciting projects which 2011 has planned for me here on this side of the Earth.
It's freezing cold out..the girls went back to school...and I now have time to CLEAN and CHUCK...OH yeah...big clean out happening in THIS house. (feels good!)

What are you up to today?

Healthy HUGS...
(we're wishing for a healthy Winter over here...doing lots of self and for the family "HEALTHY" visualization meditation stuff may help)

P.S. If you or anyone would like a "Pet Portrait" know where I am:-)(just sayin)


Victoria Stitch said...

wow brilliant portrait! i love how you've done the fur!

blue china studio said...

Such a great dog portrait! Just love it.

Happy New Year Char!

herzensart said...

wonderful portrait, Char!
Enjoy the house cleaning! I could not think of a better timing, than the beginning of a new year. Wish I´d find the time for it too.

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Victoria...thank you! It was a challenge as even though I paint many animals in my illustrations...making a portrait from an iphone picture wasn't the easiest!

Thanks Blue China studio...Happy 2011 to you too!

HerzensArt...the cleaning is never enjoyable...but the out-come is...thank you for your kind comments!

cindy said...

love the illustration and the sweet scarf! happy new year! xo, c


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