Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesdays tastings : OATCAKES...re-vamped

 As you can see...the Banner has been placed back to the original...too many of you prefer it...so,until I have something better...it stays.
Funny what you get used to, I was and am kind of happy to have it back....I missed seeing our entire families...and lets face it...this blog has A LOT of Family Life in it...

THANK YOU all for all your SO sweet comments...it's been a real heart string tugger this past 24 hours...(*SMILES*)
 OATCAKES re-vamped:
I'm not sure if you all caught my last week's OATCAKE post...if not go HERE for the recipe...this week I substituted the rye flour which made the Oatcakes rather crispy...with Oat Flour(much better texture).
I like them, and I can give them to the girls(Miss Ja LOVES them) without worrying about chipping any teeth! lol...
Highly nutritious, delicious and paired with ANYTHING...sweet or savoury...taste GREAT!

If you haven't entered our draw...please do...either by the post below or the link on the right.

Like I said...THANK YOU for making my days brighter...and inspiring me to DO more!

Healthy HUGS


AngelEyes said...

Good to have that beautiful and
heartwarm banner back ;)
Have a great day.
Hugs Annika

Silke said...

I'd love any banner you would create - you are so talented and whatever you come up with is wonderful!! The oatcakes look yummy - might have to try them... Love, Silke

and flowers pick themselves said...

mmm, sounds lovely!

xo Alison

Char said...

now that i see it, i like the whole family back to. very sweet


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