Friday, February 4, 2011

FRIDAY fashions

 HAPPY Friday...yeah, I know...fashions for Dolls...Dolls play a major role in our house at the moment...and I refuse to pay $10 for a hat for them...OR upto 30 for an outfit!
 So...after MANY months of NOT crocheting...I had to re-learn and make these two little ladies their winter hats...because it's RATHER chilly up here.
 This is Olivia(Miss A's doll)...she calls everyone Olivia!
 This is Daphne(Miss J's doll) such an old name...but I believe J is an old soul...she's been here before...she "knows" things!
Hope you've enjoyed my Friday Fashions...I will probably be adding the near future...
These girls(and ours) deserve the World.

BTW...these hats have no pattern...they were an to be worked on and perfected!


PoetessWug said...

I think they're really cool! And perfect for the dolls too!...Maybe you SHOULD write the pattern, and size it for adults!! :-))

pilli pilli said...

Oh my! That post just brought back the memory of how my mom used to knit outfits for my dolls!
& Let me tell you that you're not only crocheting them doll clothes... You're also making them some really memories!

& have a great weekend!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks ladies...
With regards to the pattern...I would have to learn to crochet a pattern to make one! lol.
K...I know, I have handmade clothes for dolls I had...and remember playing with them.


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Oh my, such darling and colorful hats!

As a child my mother wouldn't buy me a Barbie, nor doll clothes for my wanna-be-barbie . . . too expensive. So I made clothes out of yarn and socks and scarves. Ended up being a quite a lot of fun.

Thanks for taking me back to a childhood memory.

cindy said...

they're adorable! enjoy your weekend!

Sandy K. said...

Every time I try to make those tiny creations I am convinced I grow two thumbs! So tiny...but always so lovely! I will keep struggling. Any helpful hints?

andrea creates said...

very cool! you did those without a pattern?
we used to go to the american girl store in l.a all the time...spent way too much there,but it was fun ;)

GroovyMoments said...

So cute! I would love one in my size :)

Amanda said...

oh very nice!! ya, i wouldn't go out and buy them either if i could just make them. well done!


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