Monday, February 7, 2011

MONDAY's mentions

 Hello Monday was your weekend?
Ours was incredibly busy...but I still managed to thrift/charity store to find some goodies...
 I'm SUPER happy about my book finds...
Beautiful illustrations...
which brings me onto our "Monday's Mentions" and the topic of Illustrators and Artists who base their work around Nature.
I adore these feathers...and these birds.
Amazing trees here and HERE.
I am loving these Landscapes, and the combination of human and animal HERE.
These and these make me happy!

What makes YOU happy today?
Remember to link back to your Monday Mentions.

HUGS my friends...see you tomorrow...we have a crafter coming to join us for our Tell ALL Tuesdays in the morning...hope you'll stop by!



PoetessWug said...

I'm loving the buttons and yarn in the top picture too! :-)

Sandy K. said...

For some reason I hadn't been paying attention to the pattern of your posts. Monday's mentions is wonderful - as a topic as well as the content of your post. The buttons are wonderful, as is the angle of view of your pile of books. I think I love the idea here and will perhaps join next Monday!

We Blog Artists said...

Wonderful...thanks Sandy!
The Buttons were a thrift find too...99cents for over 200 buttons!!!


the sleepy time gal said...

what makes me happy today is looking back on an incredible weekend with extended family.

love the fungi book!

andrea creates said...

buttons and yarn ;)
loved all of the artwork in your links!

erin said...

Great buttons!
Such wonderful links ... loving Gennine's blog!
Happy Monday!! :-)

herzensart said...

buttons and books, always a good find

blue china studio said...

Those books are rather dreamy. And you listed many artists that I also love. Fun post!


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