Friday, February 18, 2011

Fuzzy Friday

Why so fuzzy?

Well my husband and I had a great idea to start the "Flat Belly Diet" this week...I wouldn't say either of us are overly overweight...but my main issue with my body is my belly...and I have to do a lot of exercise to get it to a place where I am happy and comfortable with it.
So through the voice of a friend, who is progressing remarkably through this "Flat Belly Diet", he told us how much he had lost...and how great it was.
You're basically eating clean...measuring portions...and eating no processed or saturated fats...AND your adding what they call MUFA's...which are your mono unsaturated fats...GOOD fats.
So until we get to the adding these MUFA's which are absolutely some of my FAVE foods...olives,nuts,olive oil and avocados AND I nearly forgot...CHOCOLATE!!!(dark semi sweet)...we have to do a 4 day kick start plan.
I am on day 3 and am feeling a little the head.
Every day for 4 days we have to drink this SASSY drink which consists of 2 litres of water,1 lemon slices,1 cucumber and 2 tablespoons of grated ginger. This is a cleansing drink and it has to be drunk at every meal.
There are 4 meals a day...and everything is measured.It's quite surprising at how much extra I take in during the day...a nibble here, a mouthful there...
I am missing my oatcakes and butter this week...and I would sometimes find myself about to stuff my mouth with a piece of bagel whilst preparing our girls lunches....oops!

Have any of you done this diet?

Anyway...coming to the reason I know my head is fuzzy...I woke up 1/2 an hour late...and was in a deep dream state when Miss A came in and woke me up...
Then I had a whole post ready...and had taken pictures of my "BAG" and it's contents...I go to search for the photos...and they're not there on the SD card...bazaar!!! Really...this has never happened to me!

So...I took a photo of Miss J who is home with me today...she's practicing her writing...we do this every day she's home. She copies my sentence...and has improved incredibly...she's almost writing a neatly as her sister.

Ok...back to cleaning up the basement.

HAVE a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!
Tomorrow I am trying "Tap Dancing" for the first time EVER!

Have you tried anything new recently?

fuzzy hugs


andrea creates said...

Good luck!
I am doing wii fit- I don't love exercising for the most part and am def. not good with diets! Gotta have my chocolate ;) but I do try to watch what I eat in general-
Wishing you much success-
Have a super weekend~

We Blog Artists said...

Oh...I of the MUFA's is Chocolate! dark though...but, hey, I'm cool with that!


Char said...

good for you!!! and any diet that includes chocolate rocks!

PoetessWug said...

In my short 50 (plus) year history I thought I had tried every diet, or form of a diet, known to man...but I never heard of this one!...I hope it works for you. I no longer do diets like this because, for me, they never work for long. I have learned through the years that the basics I don't lose weight, but I'm as healthy as can be expected at my age. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL}...Writing is good exercise. Diet or not! :-)

GroovyMoments said...

A diet that involves olives, olive oil, avocadoes,and Dark Chocolate?? Sign me up!! This sounds like the post-baby diet for me - although I would probably take too much liberty with the olives and chocolate possibly rendering the whole thing useless...

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

enjoy tap dancing...and your weekend!

cindy said...

tap dancing sounds like so much fun, no pun intended! stomp, stomp, stomp! enjoy your weekend@

Victoria Stitch said...

no oatcakes!!! oh no! i am addicted to oatcakes! couldn't live without them!


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