Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tell ALL Tuesdays :: Andrea from ANDREA CREATES

HURRAH...it's Tuesday again!!
These Tell ALL Tuesdays are so special to me...we get a glimpse of our Fabulous Readers and they have all been great with me and responded SO positively to letting go of their daily ongoings...so that all of you (and I) can enjoy their stories.(Thank you!)

So...without further adieu...let us introduce you to the the lovely Andrea, from one of my fave blogs (I have been following her progress and evolution for a while now)...Andrea Creates... make sure to go over there and say hello.

Tell us a little about the Town you live in... & have you always lived there?

I currently live in a suburb of Ohio~ we just moved here but I was born in California, and also grew up in France. I spent over ten years there.

If you could move anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
I would probably move back to California~ I miss the warm sunshine in the Winter!
But ideally, I would love to be able to spend time in several places throughout the year. Maybe even Europe again. I have family in several states and countries!

How structured is your day usually?

I think of my day as fairly unstructured as my schedule's pretty flexible, and changes from day to day. I am always willing to jump in the car and go somewhere fun :)

Really, it mostly revolves around getting the kids to and from school, errands, household chores, then creative time.

What did you do today?
I had breakfast, checked up on emails, orders and such, got the kids off to school…next up, I’ll be sewing!

Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner girl?

I’m a dessert girl, lol.
Morning coffee is one of my favorite times of the day. I don’t usually spend too much time on lunch unless I go out (which is probably too often). Dinner is nice too.

If you had 6 friends over for Dinner what would you make for them?
I would make dessert ! How about a chocolate cake?!
My husband’s the chef. I would probably ask him if he could make his famous lasagna!

How old were you when you knew you were on the right path in your Life?

I’m pretty sure I was born with a box of crayons in my hand, so I guess from very early on.

Who /what drove & inspired your love to create?
No one person in particular. Lots of people in my family are artistic and creative. I’ve always been around people that painted or did something artsy craftsy.

As we moved around, and I didn’t always speak the language, I found that art was always a subject I did pretty well at. Language wasn’t really necessary. That was inspiring.

Shoe choice::flats or heels?
Definitely flats. I’ve never worn heels (!) Preferably clogs ;)

What was the last book you read?
The Handmade Marketplace.
I recently read all but the last few pages of Breaking Dawn. I usually only read fiction if I’ve seen the movie.
My favorite section of the library are the arts and crafts and biography sections.
What advice would you give others just starting out?

Be yourself. Love what you do.

 Tell us something not too many people know about you.

Good question. Hmm, that’s a hard one!
I’m one of 5 children. Well, I guess some people know that, lol.
Name 5 blogs you love visiting, and tell us why.

Oh there are so many I love to read but here are a few from my ‘blogs I follow’ list and others I check almost every day.

1.of course, WeblogArtists

Thanks SO much Andrea...loved having you here...your creations brighten up my day!
SO for all of you...you can find Andrea at her::

I would love to be able to create as Andrea does!!! I think I need some sewing lessons.
Crafty HUGS...until tomorrow.


andrea creates said...

Thanks for my very first interview!

We Blog Artists said...

Thank you for Participating!!!

Gretchen C. said...

Great interview Andrea! As always you are very inspiring! I'm one of 5 children too!

Silke said...

I love Andrea's creations! And your interviews! Thank you for introducing us to so many wonderful creative people!!! Hope you are doing great! Love, Silke

kt said...

I am such a fan of andrea's creations and her blog. So glad that you interviewed her!

PonderandStitch said...

Awww, I love Andrea! She's so sweet and her shop is adorable. Nice interview!

Chloe' said...

ooo Groovy interview Andrea! (^_^) & thankyou for introducing me to a new Blog! Your work is always a joy to see.. and the attention to beautiful, intricate detail is a chocolate cake for the eyes =P

ove the Blog, will definitely be stopping by often from now on =D


Silver Lining Decor said...

Nice interview Andrea! And I am glad to have found another great blog :)


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