Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's LIST

It really IS cold out...these are the notes the girls received in their lunches today...stating the obvious? YES!!! Definitely.
My LIST for today :
Pack up and head up to the school to paint the Alice back drop.
On the way get a Tea.
Pick girls up.
Come back and blog about Alice so far.
WRITE those snail mail letters I promised to write :-)
Finish Taxes.
Sushi for dinner.
Relax? not yet...too much to do...
Start a blog for my Art Camp.

ok...gotta go.
Have a GREAT Friday...
And check back later to see the progression on Alice!



andrea creates said...

how sweet-my mom used to make me notes for my lunch too :)
it's freezing here as well-stay warm this weekend ~

Char said...

i know they will cherish those notes in years to come

We Blog Artists said...

I love making them...I promised to myself that I would write a diary for our girls...I think these are my diary...

Thanks ladies.x.


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