Thursday, March 24, 2011

making me happy...

Good-day to you all...and really, although we had more snow and it really does feel like the middle of January is a GLORIOUS day!
Whenever I receive the Green Bean zine in my mailbox...I am fortunate to receive joy, smiles and a great read as well. Thanks Katie! Your work is awesome!
This edition is all BUNNY related...I can't wait for her special issue of "Ba Ba Black Sheep" to come out...I have a thing for sheep...all cuddly and bouncy.
UPDATE:: It's OUT and I just bought one!!!
Did I ever tell you I had a pet sheep when I was young? Actually my sister and brother did too...I think my parents thought it was a great gift as they really wanted why not let us think they were for us!!! Ha ha...mine was called Jamima...she was cute until she started chasing me around the field and head butting me from behind. They're quite forceful when they want to be! I was only 8 years old...and little lambs grow up pretty fast.

Another VERY sweet write up about "moi" by one special lady who has purchased and commissioned pieces from me in the can read what she says HERE. (blush blush)
If the world was full of "Kims" we'd never be at war!

Have a grande day...snow,sun and ALL...


Tabiboo said...

Jamima - aahhhhh that so reminds me of 'Playschool'

take care and enjoy the snow,

Nina xx

We Blog Artists said...

I think that's where I got it

THANKS...not enough snow to enjoy, but enough COLD to freeze!


Char said...

congratulations on the sale - always awesome!

it looks like a very sweet zine indeed.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

how adorable!

Michelle said...

That looks so cute!!


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