Friday, March 18, 2011

future threads

HELLO Friday!!!!
So...we survived March Break, the Flu...colds and finally we have the most beautiful day outside today...
The girls and I are about to go on a nature trail hike as it's so gorgeous...I'll take the camera with me.

I'm working on some "sweet sleep pillows" for our Mamas and Chicks Show in April....but I also want to make them I have Spanish,Italian,French,Danish and english so far...I have another portrait commission to work on which I'll show you soon...

I'm sorry if I haven't been by your World. I will make more time in the near future...this week was all about our girls.

I have a HUGE Thank you to go out to our new Sponsor...Jess Bradley !!! You can read an interview she did with us HERE to find out a little more about her and her awesome work. We'll be hosting a follow-up interview with her very soon to find out what she's up to right now.

Have a great weekend....I'll be back on Monday with our Monday's Mentions and to show pictures from our Nature walk.

healthy HUGS


PoetessWug said...

Look forward to seeing the photos from your walk...and I love the embroidered pillows!...Have a good weekend! :-]

pilli pilli said...

Hi there!

That's funny!
I'm currently wrapped up in embroidery threads and needles as well! And so I'm curious to see how your will turn out! The idea certainly is brilliant!

& have a SUPER weekend!!!

PS. I'll be looking out for those pictures! Hike season hasn't arrived yet around here (snow...snow...snow in those mountains...) so I can't wait to share in some of the fun from yours! :o)

cindy said...

love your embroidery and glad you all survived. hope you had a nice hike. enjoy your weekend!

Char said...

they look very sweet! i bet they will sell quickly

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