Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gro your own!

Thanks so much to lovethegarden who sent me this fab herb planter and feed so that I can grow my own herbs, a really good idea for those of you who may not have the space to grow in a garden but want fresh herbs for cooking, the herbs can grow straight from the bag or just in the little pot! Apparently using the feed my herbs will grow twice as big, maybe it will work better than talking to the plants! I'll keep you updated with their progress!

Another big thing that was supposed to be going on this week at Jack and Beth school was a visit from the Gruffalo (a visiting theatre production)! Sadly at the last hour they cancelled due to illness and the teachers put on a great show for all the parents who were coming to watch by creating a Gruffalo treasure hunt for footprints, Gruffalo treasure and they had to close their eyes to listen for all the animals from the book that were hiding in the woods of the school playground. The children loved it and had so much fun they didn't mind that their event had been cancelled which was great. Jack was very sweet, helping Beth find her treasure, it was lovely to see what a caring big brother he is to her. Now I'm off to plant up those chives! Fabulous set painting Char, they will love performing with that backdrop I'm sure!

Tam, Lincolnshire, UK


We Blog Artists said...

Hey Tam, I can't believe your planting already! Our ground is ROCK hard still...AND great the package arrived...looks easy...even I could do it...with my NOT so green fingers.

LOVE the photos of B and J...adorable...too back it was cancelled!
What a great school with beautiful grounds.

P.S. Happy to have finished the set. It was really fun!

PoetessWug said...

I talked to my plants to try to get them to grow too...Ummm....use the fertilizer! LOL Or don't talk to yours as much as I talked to mine! It was like the dying scene from Romeo and Juliette! ^_^

PROVINS said...

Oh cant wait to see if yours are going to do better than mine!! Probably, if you both give them stuff and talk to them:-)


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