Thursday, March 31, 2011

ROYAL hand carved stamps..

Finally 2 of my **ROYAL hand carved stamps** are in my Etsy Shop...I thought I would make a British one to honour the Royal Wedding which is happening on the 29th of April...same day as our Mamas and Chicks Show!!!
Why does it take me SO long to update my shop??

It's SNOWING here again!!!
BUT...I really don't mind anymore....I know Summer will soon be here ... tomorrow is my Birthday so I'll be making my Mum's special Cake this evening with the's "THE" Birthday cake that we all ask for when it's our Birthdays...but because I live here and my Mum is in the UK...she shared the recipe with me so I can make it for

I think the girls are MORE excited than I am about my Birthday...and I LOVE Birthdays...but there is a buzzing about them...I'm taking them out for lunch tomorrow.
My Library ladies are making me lunch today...I love being cooked for...who doesn't!!!

Anyway...I should go...please go take a peek at my new stamps...I would appreciate your feedback :-)

HUGS to you all.


andrea creates said...

we had snow yesterday too! it looked like a november day at one point :)
love the stamps.i'll check them out in the shop...

Char said...

yay for special birthday cake! we always had our favorite cake too on our birthdays!

i hope your birthday is amazing.

Cindy said...

love those iron jack stamps and can't wait for the royal wedding. have a wonderful birthday. be sure to celebrate like a queen! xo, c

Tara said...

Happy birthday, Char! Enjoy your special day with cake and your little ladies. The stamps look great.

Sarah Coggrave said...

A lovely quirky take on Britishness! I still can't get over the fact that the Royal wedding interests everyone more than us Brits ;)

Have a lovely birthday

Sarah x


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