Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's never a quiet day!

Today started normally... both kids up nice and early to get ready for school. I was looking forward to spending the day with my mum, we had planned as I had a 'free day' to go to various garden centres and get supplies for my allotment and then have a nice lunch together. I got the children to school, came home and she rang about half an hour later to say she was on her way. As her car drew up I saw her gesturing to me to just get in. I thought she would come in for a cup of tea before we went on our way and I had painters here so every window and door was open. But no, she was on the phone to my Dad...my grandmother (who's 83) had had an accident. She was in a ditch being cut out of her car. So I leapt into the car, gave the painters my house-keys and ran! We arrived at the accident, two fire-engines had blocked the road, the ambulance was there and as the car was upside down in the ditch we had no idea what we would find. 14 firemen, 3 ambulance paramedics and a policeman were there I ran up the road to the car my heart in my mouth. She apparently was hanging upside down in the car (a great reminder to wear your seatbelt!) twisted with her feet out the window (did she have hobnail boots on I wonder!) and amazingly was not in too bad shape. I rode in the ambulance with her, I can now tick that off my list of things I'd never done, please may it be the last! She's still in the hospital but fine apart from superficial nicks on a knee and her fingers and possibly fractured a rib or two. My goodness she really is so lucky! My free day can wait perhaps till next week! It's funny because last week I had to look after her as well and ended up cleaning out her kitchen cupboards for her! So instead of posting my allotment pictures for you here's a reason to check the back of your cupboard... this tin's best before date was 1981!

On a nicer note I wanted to show you some of my seeds starting to grow, they are starting to shoot up nicely and soon I will be able to get more in the ground which we dug over at the weekend. I have so many more to get in and it will be an ongoing project for the year but one I am so looking forward to! I'll keep you posted!


cindy said...

god bless your grandmother, seat belts and rescue workers. that sounds really scary, but glad it seems like she'll be ok. xo, c

We Blog Artists said...

OMG Tam...WOW...that surely wasn't a quiet day....you must have been terrified. Just goes to show how lucky we are in this day and age!

Love your future garden...I am excited for you:-)

HUGS and love

Char said...

i'm so glad your grandmother is ok!! yes, wearing seatbelts is so important

Tara said...

A much more exciting day than you had initially planned. So glad to hear your grandmother is okay.


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