Thursday, April 21, 2011

one week to go...

my head is kids are tired of me always crafting for the Mamas and Chicks Show...I am lacking many hours of sleep...but,we all know this is what happens before a big Show like this...right?
 These are my "Surprise pins"...I like to always bring something new to the Show each year. Sorry'll see them on Saturday the 30th in my Etsy store if there are any left!!!

Can you guess what they are?

I'm pleased with my new stamps...I've never sold stamps from my this is new too for all our Shoppers.
 I have 29 in my "series 1" of stamps which I'll take to the Show next Friday...and I know they'll be an on-going project as it really is a very calming and therapeutic craft.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend...thanks for stopping by and to all of you who leave a little hello always...thank you!
I'll be back on Tuesday with more finished projects!



PoetessWug said...

Heyyyy! Where's the flipped over ones?!! LOL I guess I'll have to wait to see!

We Blog Artists said...

Happy Easter Debbie!

MondaysMilk said...

I think your surprise pins are sneakers... :-) Love the header of your blog!! Have a great Easter weenkend!

pixelhazard said...

flip it char, i wanna see!

Bright Green Laces

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Mondays Milk for popping over...NOT sneakers...sorry... are you?'re going to have to wait...sorry ;-)

Tara said...

Here's my guess: Something to do with the Royal wedding? Only a week to go. You're not going to make us wait that long, are you?

We Blog Artists said...

Yes Tara...sorry...Can you make it to the Show?



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