Friday, April 22, 2011


 They look so raw in their "not finished" state...I'll be able to paint them tonight as they're dry now finally...

I admit...I made a HUGE "whoopsy" and made my Company Stamp this morning "BACKWARDS"...because as we all make a Type HAVE to write the words backwards!!! That's when you know you're pushing the envelope...burning the candle at both ends...we've all been there...and I'm there right now!
I finished 130 gift cards for our Mamas and Chicks Show this morning...I've been working on them for the past 3 days...if they don't sell...they'll be in my Esty Shop next week.I'll be selling them in packs of 5.

So ... no one guessed what the Pins were in Thursday's post... oh...and I won't be giving it away quite yet!

Back to making my STAMP the RIGHT way...

HAPPY Easter Weekend everyone...whatever it may mean to you...enjoy it!!!
No need to explain what I'm up to...I think we ALL know!



Heather said...

happy easter to you too!

Char said...

i hope you have the best holiday weekend

pilli pilli said...

Hi Char!
Thanks for your kind wishes!!!

I hope you'll find some time for chocolate eggs and bunnies, because you're working SO hard these days!!! - But I just KNOW the show will be a succes!!!

& have a very Happy Easter Weekend!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Heather!

You too Char have a WONDERFUL Holday weekend!

K...I am praying for a sucsessful Show...There's a lot of work which goes in to it!
Thanks...enjoy the weekend..chocolate and ALL!



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