Sunday, July 17, 2011

in my post-box...

for my birthday I went a hunting for a special little something (to spend some birthday money I received from family)...and I love supporting friends who create...especially someone like Andrea who "creates" such little treasure which are practical too.
recently...she started sewing these beautiful Tea purses...I am a Tea lover and so this was perfect.
The fabric is beautiful and it fits wonderfully in my purse...I put all those little goodies in it like lip-gloss,safety etc...
Thanks Andrea!
You can visit her blog HERE.
You can read about Andrea in the TELL ALL TUESDAY interview we had with her HERE
And please go and support her ETSY store HERE.

Sorry for the flipped to the side photos...for some reason blogger flipped them?(am working on turning them back...)

Enjoy your Sunday...we're off to the park to practice on the girl's 2 wheel bikes :-)
What are you up to today??



andrea creates said...

these photos are great char! thanks so much for featuring my tea cup pouch :)

Jenny Petricek said...

Lovely pouch! And so beautifully wrapped! It almost looks too pretty to open!:-)

Deborah Van de Velde said...

So Lovely! very nice

stephanie levy said...

This is beautiful! wow :)

Tabiboo said...

What a beautiful package to receive in the post - I do love a good parcel.

Happy belated birthday,

Nina x

Pomona said...

I have one of Andrea's little purses - they are beautiful!

Pomona x

sofia123 said...

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