Thursday, August 25, 2011

BOOKHOU mail...makes me happy

Last night was frightening...lots of warnings of Tornados around the Toronto area...I took the girls down to the basement at 9.30pm...and camped out in their playroom...
Our Earth is changing...I`m not sure I enjoy all these crazy storms.

On a happy note...10 days ago I ordered a *wee* pack of Arounna's printed fabric swatches...she had a special sample pack on sale.
It arrived yesterday! I LOVE it!
I have some certain projects I would love to get  finished before our Mamas and Chicks Show on Oct the planning will begin and projects will be worked on as soon as the girls start school again.I'm sure I will be incorporating the fabric above in many of them too!

Thanks Arounna...I adore your shop and ALL your incredible work.
( would love everything about Arounna's work!)
Go to BOOKHOU here and enjoy a wealth of creations using texture and patterns...

Have a great day...we have camp again favourite day as I teach them all how to draw portraits!
WHAT are you up to today?



GroovyMoments said...

Lovin' the bookhou!

That storm was crazy! I usually love a good storm, and I was really nervous!! My little guy was laying with my hub and I with his eyes covered, and every time one of us moved, he'd grab us tight and put our hands over his eyes. :(

arounna said...

thanks char
your the sweetest
I know - crazy storm last night
the artwork done with your girls is so beautiful

andrea creates said...

i hate those tornado warnings-i'm sure not used to it :0
we had a bad storm last night too tho' not quite as bad as that.
love those little fabrics and the packaging is great!

Kolleen said...

oh love this!!!

heading to her shop now to peak around!!

happy you are all safe ... i agree that all this crazy weather is a bit disturbing!

sending love

Tara said...

beautiful fabrics. I can't wait to see what you make with them, Char. said...

super fabrics, super blog, super creative posts... love it!


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